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We create unique dynamice websites which meet the needs of your company.

We cover the whole life cycle of the website creation, starting from recording and analysing your requirements, designing and aesthetically tailoring the page, then technically developmening and the hosting of the website and finally resulting to its promotion to the search engines and social networks.

eltacourier website

The key features of the integrated solutions we create are:

  • Modern design and aesthetic configuration , so that visitors can navigate with ease and directly accesses the desired information and services.
  • Responsive Web Design , so that your website is accessible from smartphones and tablets.
  • Flexible, safe and easy to use Content Management System (CMS) , perfectly tailored to your needs, allowing you to manage your website taking fully advantage of its potential (friendly user interface, user management, adding content with integrated WYSIWYG editor and other facilities)
  • Search engine friendly (Search Engine Optimization) , in order to make your website appear high in search engine results (Google).
  • Multilanguage , so that the content of your website will be available in as many languages as you like, without any restrictions.
  • Scalability , so that it is feasible and easy to add new functions in the future.
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We design and manufacture electronic stores (e shops) aimed at the greatest possible increase in sales.

We cover the whole cycle of creation of electronic shops, starting with the recording and analysis of requirements, next continuing with the design and aesthetics of it, the proceed to the implementation and hosting and finally with its promotion to the search engines and social media.

The key features of online shops we design are:

  • Meticulous design with easy and simple browsing , to arouse the interest of the visitor and to convert into a customer.
  • Responsive Web Design , so your visitors can buy products via their smartphone or tablet.
  • Easy Management to reduce your operating costs with the fast, simple addtion of bew categories - Product and order tracking.
  • Search engine friendly (Search Engine Optimization) , so that your eshop will be as high as possible in search engine results (google).
  • Secure Payment , with interface with the Greek banks and Paypal. The protocols and security standards we use ensure security of online payments.
  • Linking your eshop with popular product comparison websites (eg skroutz.gr, bestprice.gr)
madmonkey website
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custom applications

Because every business has its own way of operating, its own structure and complexity, in iSmart we develop applications perfectly tailored to its management needs.

Using the most recent technological developments you can improve your everyday functionality, save money and time without changing anything in the internal processes of your business.

papathanassiou custom application

Examples of custom applications that relate to you is:         

  • Reservation Management for Hotels
  • Customer management
  • Computerization of internal functions (eg time, license management)
  • Management of Financial Data
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mobile applications

The technological revolution brought about by the use of smart devices (smartphones & tablets) catapulted the dissemination of mobile applications. The development of such mobile applications is either a new standalone application or a complementarty one to the companys existing website.

By using a native application for mobile phones and tablets you greatly enhance your corporate identity and our business is promoted by attracting new customers. You can inform your customers about your services and new offers any time of day with a simple notification on their smartphone or tablet.

aim mobile application

We develop mobile applications with the following features:

  • Operating System : iOS (iPhone - iPad), Android (plethora of mobile phones and tablets).
  • Contemporary design , which is consistent with the image of your business. The design is based on the satisfaction of the visitor and the best possible usage of the screen every smart device.
  • Flexible and easy to use Content Management System , which allows you to refresh the content and have complete control of the potentials of the application.
  • Push Notifications , which allows you to send notifications to the users of the application based on either your schedule or their own preferences.
  • Using Service Location (Location Based Services) , to send the users information based on their location (promotions, outlets, etc.).
  • Usage Stats , to know everything about the usage of your application (number of downloads, active users, content reading, sharing to social media etc.).
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internet marketing

Promoting your business online (internet marketing) is the process of developing, promoting and advertising using electronic means. The editing of your profile, the research of the competition and the finding of appropriate differations are combined to define an an integrated strategy to enhance your online presence.

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Marketing is like telling the world you are a star
Internet Marketing is showing that you are one

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internet marketing newsletter
internet marketing adwords

In iSmart we offer integrated solutions to strengthen the relationship with your customers and your visibility in digital channels, which consist of:


1. Search Engine Optimization. The improvement of the position of your website in search engine results is essential to promote your page on. The services we offer in this direction include the study of the performance of your website in search engines, the study of the competition, finding appropriate words - keys, the registration of your website in the major search engines and enterprise directories, technical optimization and proper content editing. The results are visible through monthly reports with details.

2. Email Marketing . Creating and sending a newsletter is an easy, direct and economical way to communicate with your customers, and update them on your-services products in order to increase your visits and sales and generally strengthen your brand awareness (branding). In iSmart we have developed our own platform so that the sending of your newsletter will be feasible and successful without any restrictions to the number of recipients and without being considered as unwanted (spam). In the context of email marketing we offer design of the email to be sent, complete management of the list of recipients, scheduling and targeting of your shipments. Finally, references to analytical statistics are delivered after each shipment (e.g. percentage, means and methods of opening of the email) which reflect fully the results of the campaign.

3. Social Media Management . The strong presence of a company in Social Media Networks is an important part of a successful web presence. In iSmart we create your business profile on social media, we take care of its daily management, supply it with targeted content that spurs the interest of the "friends" of the page but also attracts new, and finally take care of any management and crisis management that may arise (eg abusive comments, questions requiring a direct answer, etc.).

4. Facebook Applications . We create custom interactive applications in Facebook (Facebook Applications), which strengthen the brand of your company and attract new customers quickly and simply. These applications run within Facebook and can be either competitions or games or votes and aim to increase both the "Friends" of your page and as well as other traffic to your website. All applications are accompanied by detailed information for the treatment of the results by this specific promotional campaign.

5. Facebook Ads . Facebook is the most popular social networking tool attracting millions of users daily. In iSmart we posses the know how and experience to help you take advantage of this power through targeted campaigns, using one of the available advertising ways:

  • Fan Page like ads , for more "friends" (likes) on your page,
  • App ads , to advertise the application you have on Facebook,
  • Website ads , to increase traffic to your website,
  • Mobile App ads , to advertise your application for smart devices (smartphones & tablets).

It should be noted that the targeting of the campaign can be done by selecting the demographics target group (age, city, gender, etc.) that interests you. In addition to creating and managing your campaign on Facebook, we provide you with reports for all components of the campaing to allow you the best monitoring and optimization of it.

6. Google Adwords . We design, manage and monitor Google Adwords campaigns for your business. For example, the services we offer are tips for the development of a proper strategy for the campaign, choosing the right keywords, selecting of an appropriate budget and cost per click, implementing creative banners, measurement of campaign conversions, continuous monitoring and optimization and finally a detailed report with all the details.

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